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FMS Staff / Faculty Directory (2016-17)  
Administration Position Email Address
Kevin Wieseman Principal kwiesman@florencek12.org
Ashley Bowling Assistant Principal abowling@florencek12.org
Rob Banks Latin rbanks@florencek12.org 
Lydia Barnett 8th Grade Math lbarnett@florencek12.org
Scott Bayles 8th Grade Social Studies sbayles@florencek12.org 
Russ Belote Percussion Teacher rbelote@florencek12.org
Matthew Bonds Resource mjbonds@florencek12.org
Sha Bragwell 8th Grade Science sbragwell@florencek12.org
Jill Brooks Teen Connections/Teen Discoveries jbrooks@florencek12.org
Kelsey Brown 8th Grade Math/Math Intervention kmbrown@florencek12.org
Nicole Campbell PE ncampbell@florencek12.org
Susan Christy 8th Grade Social Studies schristy@florencek12.org
Chelsea Dennison 8th Grade Social Studies cdennison@florencek12.org
Brian Dickerson Physical Education bddickerson@florencek12.org
Jason Dunnavant Resource jdunnavant@florencek12.org
Grant Earnest 7th Grade Social Studies gearnest@florencek12.org 
Jill Edwards Instructional Partner jaedwards@florencek12.org 
Andrew Entrekin 7th Grade Science acentrekin@florencek12.org
Evon Farris 8th Grade Math efarris@florencek12.org 
Kevin Graham 7th Grade kgraham@florencek12.org 
Kristi Gresham English/Journalism kgresham@florencek12.org
Samantha Hammond 8th Grade English slhammond@florencek12.org
Jessica Herring Math Teacher jlherring@florencek12.org
Kara Herron Foreign Languages kherron@florencek12.org
Kate Holley Resource kholley@florencek12.org 
Tammy Hollis 7th Grade English thollis@florencek12.org
Sharlotte Howell 7th Grade Math showell@florencek12.org 
Corey Hughes PE Assistant chughes@florencek12.org 
John Jackson Stagecraft jjackson@florencek12.org 
Brian Jay Band Director bljay@florencek12.org 
Jill Johnson Career Prep jsjohnson@florencek12.org
Marc Johnson Career Prep mjohnson@florencek12.org
Holly Jolly Media Center hljolly@florencek12.org
Beth Jones 7th Grade Science ejones@florencek12.org
Rachel Kennedy Dance rskennedy@florencek12.org
Jessica McCarley ELL jmccarley@florencek12.org 
Tricia McKinney Resource tmckinney@florencek12.org
Jason Morgan Career Clusters Technology jmorgan@florencek12.org
Tyler Morris Coding tmmorris@florencek12.org
Stacy Newton 8th Grade Science snewton@florencek12.org
Robert Patrick General Music rppatrick@florencek12.org
Lexi Phillips Resource akphillips@florencek12.org
Jane Powell Chorus jpowell@florencek12.org
Pat Reaves Art preaves@florencek12.org
Bryan Rebar 7th Grade Science bmrebar@florencek12.org
Brian Shollenberger ISS bshollenberger@florencek12.org 
Jesse Snider 8th Grade English jmsnider@florencek12.org
Greg Stanhope 7th Grade Social Studies gstanhope@florencek12.org
Rachael Tuell 7th Grade Math rtuell@florencek12.org
Melissa Waddell 8th Grade mwaddell@florencek12.org
Tiffany Walker 7th Grade twalker@florencek12.org
Brenda White 7th Grade English bwhite@florencek12.org 
Anna Wooten 8th Grade English atwooten@florencek12.org 
Terica Lewis-Hicks Counselor tlewis@florencek12.org
Lorel Nix Counselor lnix@florencek12.org
Deena Appleton CNP deenaappleton@florencek12.org
Tamara Couniham CNP tamarherfindahl@florencek12.org
Melanie Hughes CNP melaniehughes@florencek12.org
Tom Sayers CNP tsayers@florencek12.org
Benita Williams Aide bwilliams@florencek12.org
Wanda Dalton Aide wdalton@florencek12.org
Melanie Grinnell Bookkeeper mmgrinnell@florencek12.org
Susan McGee Attendance smcgee@florencek12.org
Kerry Michael Nurse kmichael@florencek12.org
Kim Tittle Secretary ktittle@florencek12.org
Officer Kevin Garner Student Resource Officer kgarner@florencek12.org



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All public schools in Florence are fully accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement), one of the first 150 school systems in America to be comprehensively accredited as a district.

Equal Education/Employment Opportunity Statement

It is the official policy of the Florence City School District that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or employment.