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Florence High School Staff Email Directory
(Updated August 2016

Name Assignment Email Address
Behel, Corey 12FL cjbehel@florencek12.org
Marsh, Marianne ACCESS Lab mmarsh@florencek12.org
McClellend, James T. Apex jmcclellend@florencek12.org
Cain, Jonathan Art jdcain@florencek12.org
Belote, Russell Assisstant Band Director rbelote@florencek12.org
McCoy, Erika Assistant Principal 10th emccoy@florencek12.org
Donaldson, Kerry Assistant Principal 11th kdonaldson@florencek12.org
Graham, Byron Athletic Director bgraham@florencek12.org
Moraites, Jayann Attendance jamoraites@florencek12.org
Ownby, Terry Band Director tsownby@florencek12.org
Fretwell, Stacey Bookkeeper sfretwell@florencek12.org
Reeves, Sherry Bookkeeper sreeves@florencek12.org
Trimble, Leigh Anna Business ltrimble@florencek12.org
Lynn, Christy Business Finance clynn@florencek12.org
Hunt, Dallas Cafeteria Manager dhunt@florencek12.org
Lett, Darrin Career Tech Principal dlett@florencek12.org
Shook, Sharon Career Tech Secretary sshook@florencek12.org
Wallace, Renee Career Tech/Cosmetology rwallace@florencek12.org
Bruce, Randy Career Tech/Graphic rbruce@florencek12.org
Casteel, Cynthia Career Tech/Guidance ccasteel@florencek12.org
Boddie, Roslyn Career Tech/Healthcare rboddie@florencek12.org
Jennings, Joseph Career Tech/Welding jljennings@florencek12.org
Myers, J.R. CCRS wlmyers@florencek12.org
Williams, Marilyn Chemistry mwilliams@florencek12.org
Reese, Kevin Chorus krreese@florencek12.org
White, Brad Chorus blwhite@florencek12.org
Bowling, Stacy CNP Team Member sbowling@florencek12.org
Campbell, Pat CNP Team Member patcampbell@florencek12.org
Darby, Christopher CNP Team Member cmdarby@florencek12.org
Duster, Lisa CNP Team Member lduster@florencek12.org
Goodwin, Cheryl CNP Team Member csgoodwin@florencek12.org
Lewis, Alice CNP Team Member alicelewis@florencek12.org
Parrish, Connie CNP Team Member connieparrish@florencek12.org
Statham, Kathy CNP Team Member kathystatham@florencek12.org
Sykes, Angela CNP Team Member angelasykes@florencek12.org
Turberville, Christina CNP Team Member clturberville@florencek12.org
Roy, Anita Counseling aroy@florencek12.org
Graves, Katherine Culinary Arts kmgraves@florencek12.org
Beachum, Shere Custodial Team Member sherebeachum@florencek12.org
Blackstock, Huey Custodial Team Member hueyblackstock@florencek12.org
Dunstan, Greg Custodial Team Member GregDunstan@florencek12.org
Roy, James Custodial Team Member oliverjamesroy@florencek12.org
Stover, Joe Custodial Team Member joestover@florencek12.org
Thompson, Leemarquette Custodial Team Member leethompson@florencek12.org
Kiel, Matthew Dance/Choreography mjkiel@florencek12.org
Cox, Tony Driver's Ed tcox@florencek12.org
Townsend, William Economics wtownsend@florencek12.org
McCarley, Jessica EL jmccarley@florencek12.org
Cain, Kipp English kccain@florencek12.org
McCutcheon, Lauren English lmccutcheon@florencek12.org
Moore, Elisha English emoore@florencek12.org
Musgrove, Suzanne English smusgrove@florencek12.org
Putman, Cassidy English 10 cpputman@florencek12.org
Herndon, Jane English 11 bjherndon@florencek12.org
Vick, Krista English/Science kvick@florencek12.org
Perry, Anna English/Spanish aperry@florencek12.org
Sammons, Karen English/Virtual ksammons@florencek12.org
Foster, Jerry FAFA  jfoster@florencek12.org
Carter, Marsha Fashion/FACS mmcarter@florencek12.org
Henry, Rhonda FFC Media Specialist rhenry@florencek12.org
Wallace, Jason Football Coach jwallace2@florencek12.org
Hughes, Jeanie Foreign Language jhughes@florencek12.org
Clemmons, Holly Geometry hgclemmons@florencek12.org
Douglass, Shirley Graduation Coach sdouglas@florencek12.org
Lovelace, Lori Guidance 10th llovelace@florencek12.org
Jones, Caroline Guidance 12th cjones@florencek12.org
Rhodes, Lisa Guidance Secretary lrhodes@florencek12.org
Page, Glenda Guidance11th gpage@florencek12.org
Jackson, Clarke Health cjackson@florencek12.org
Hester, Casey History cwhester@florencek12.org
Johnson, Sedrick History sdjohnson@florencek12.org
Langston, David History dblangston@florencek12.org
Sledge, Kevin History ksledge@florencek12.org
Tate, Virginia History vftate@florencek12.org
Butler, Jennifer Instructional Tech. Coach jcbutler@florencek12.org
Bailey, Brandon ISS bbailey@florencek12.org
Banks, Rob Latin rbanks@florencek12.org
McGee, Susie Librarian sqmcgee@florencek12.org
Behel, Jenifer Math jbbehel@florencek12.org
Horne, Robin Math rhorne@florencek12.org
Radtke, Jeff Math jradtke@florencek12.org
Reynolds, Jeffrey Math jareynolds@florencek12.org
Russell, Michelle Math mrussell@florencek12.org
Searels, Zachary Math zsearels@florencek12.org
Willingham, Janet Math jwillingham@florencek12.org
Marsh, Kenny Math/Engineering kmarsh@florencek12.org
Massey, Diana Nurse dmassey@florencek12.org
Wasson, Kasey Orchestra kdwasson@florencek12.org
Reid, Anthony P.E. areid@florencek12.org
Banks, Gary PE gbanks@florencek12.org
Hice, Lynne Principal lhice@florencek12.org
Nichols, Gary Recording Arts gnichols@florencek12.org
Chaffin, Sarah Science sjchaffin@florencek12.org
Crosslin, Phillip Science pcrosslin@florencek12.org
Kerby, Steven Science skerby@florencek12.org
Mitchell, Amy Science amitchell@florencek12.org
Nelson, Rachael Science rnelson@florencek12.org
Ricketts, Tony Science toricketts@florencek12.org
Thompson, Robin Science rmthompson@florencek12.org
McClure, Jo Lynn Secretary jmcclure@florencek12.org
Maplesden, April Social Science afolden@florencek12.org
Pelle, Tiffany Social Science tmpelle@florencek12.org
Brake, Hannah Spanish hbrake@florencek12.org
Harrison, Paige Special Ed pharrison@florencek12.org
Hill, Marcy Special Ed mhill@florencek12.org
McAbee, Tara Special Ed tmcabee@florencek12.org
Smith, Shelly Special Ed jgreene@florencek12.org
Harris, Leigh  Special Ed Assistant  
Jones, Kym Special Ed Assistant kljones@florencek12.org
Lee, Qushaun Special Ed Assistant qlee@florencek12.org
Olive, Lori Special Ed. Asst. lolive@florencek12.org
Berry, Jennifer Special Education jeberry@florencek12.org
Eckl, Pam Special Education pleckl@florencek12.org
Garrett, Steve Special Education ssgarrett@florencek12.org
Tucker, Autumn Special Education aetucker@florencek12.org
Wagnon, Lesli Special Education lwagnon@florencek12.org
Green, Stephen Special Education Support sgreen@florencek12.org
South, Penny Special Education Support psouth@florencek12.org
Byrd, Risa Speech rbyrd@florencek12.org
Landers, Brad SRO bwlanders@florencek12.org
Bruce, Tara Success Coach tbruce@florencek12.org
Satkamp, Chris Tech Support csatkamp@florencek12.org
Jackson, John Technical Theatre jjackson@florencek12.org
Kilpatrick, Jennifer TV Prod./ Theatre jskilpatrick@florencek12.org
Burt, Ty Weightlifting jburt@florencek12.org
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Florence City Schools

All public schools in Florence are fully accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement), one of the first 150 school systems in America to be comprehensively accredited as a district.

Equal Education/Employment Opportunity Statement

It is the official policy of the Florence City School District that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or employment.