Welcome to Forest Hills Elementary School

  • A school of excellence, equipping students to succeed and excel.

    We believe that:

    • Schools should provide a safe, healthy, positive, and nurturing environment.
    • Schools should develop strong ties between school, home, and community.
    • Children learn using a variety of methods and strategies.
    • Students should be given appropriate opportunities to learn.
    • Students must have access to and competency with technology to be successful.
    • Children deserve to be challenged and inspired by highly qualified instructors.
    • School personnel, students, and parents deserve fair and respectful treatment.
    • Children should love to learn.

    The mission of Forest Hills Elementary is to:

    • Set high expectations for staff, students, and parents
    • Provide a safe, healthy, and productive school environment
    • Create a consciousness of healthy life choices
    • Provide the foundation to succeed in a technologically challenging society
    • Lead students toward becoming productive citizens
    • Provide a challenging curriculum with emphasis on reading and math
    • Provide enriching opportunities through STEM, art, and music education
    • Exhibit excellence in all academic efforts


    Forest Hills Elementary School is one of three elementary schools within the Florence City School System. We serve over 800 children in the area.

    Our teachers are available and accessible. The administration is encouraging and supportive of both parents and children, as well as the teaching staff.

    Thanks for stopping by our website. We look forward to teaching your children.

    Here are some facts about Forest Hills Elementary:

    • Academic excellence is top priority.
    • Our students excel in all areas - academically, behaviorally and socially.
    • Our administration is easily accessible.
    • We have a friendly office staff.
    • We are the largest elementary school in Florence.
    • We have a student population of over 800 students.
    • We were selected as an Alabama Reading Initiative School..
    • We are an AMSTI School.
    • We have an excellent Parent-Teacher Organization.
    • Parent Volunteers are welcome on our campus.
    • We offer a variety of activities/opportunities including: Jump Rope for Heart, Show Choir, Book Fairs, Red Ribbon Week activities, Read Across America activities, Book Character Parades, Reading Renaissance School, Field Day for every grade level, March of Dimes participation, PTO Musical/Dramatic Presentations, Field Trips, Arts Alive activities.
    • Every student has their device. (K-2: iPad & 3-4: Chromebook).
    • We have over 40 classroom units in grades K-4
    • We teach character education on a daily basis to instill virtues our students will need to be successful
    • We are proud of our state of the art library/media center.
    • We are an Alabama State Department Physical Education Demonstration site.
    • We are proud to have Nationally Board Certified Teachers among our faculty.
    • We are recognized as a Safe School by the Alabama Attorney General’s Safe School Initiative.
    • We have an Outdoor Classroom with multiple hands-on learning stations.
    • We are a 1:1 technology school. Every student has a device to use for educational purposes on a daily basis.


     Forest Hills Core Values

    • Forest Hills is committed to the success of all students. This is achieved through a student-centered environment with high expectations from all stakeholders.  Our commitment to student success is built upon mutual respect, kindness, and love while providing a safe place for learning to occur.
    • Each morning our students recite the following Forest Hills Focus, “I will be respectful, responsible, and safe to help make the world a better place.”