Frequently Asked Questions






    1. Must I create an account to register my student(s)?
      • Yes, if you have never registered a child online with Florence City Schools (FCS).
        • You must create an account (user name and password) in order to register your child. You will use this same account each year for registration, so be sure to make a note of the user name and password you created.
        • You may create your account with either an email (preferred) or a cell phone number. Even if you no longer use the email or cell number with which you create your account, that will always be your user name. 
      • No, if you have an existing account where you have previously registered a student with FCS. You will use that same log in information to register your new student.


    1. What if I have an account but I have forgotten my user name or password?
      • If you remember your user name but not your password, you may click on the “Forgot password” link to have a reset link sent to your email or password, or
      • Bullet the circle by “Online (by answering security questions)” that you set up when you created your account.


    1. As I enter my student’s information, should I enter his cell phone number or mine for his contact information?
      • Always use a parent/guardian telephone number for the student number. This is the number that will receive absence calls, emergency calls, etc. 
      • After I enter my telephone number, must I select “Preferred phone number?
        • Yes, if you ae entering more than one telephone number per person. ONLY ONE NUMBER will be checked preferred per person. 


    1. Who do I bullet as having custody?
      • Only parents listed on the child’s birth certificate, or legal guardians who have obtained custody of a child through the court system, are considered Custodial Contacts.
      • My child’s father and I have divorced, and he no longer sees my child. Must I list him?
        • Yes, unless you have court documents that state the father’s parental rights have been legally terminated.
        • Even if you, as the mother, have full custody of the child, you must still list the father unless, as stated before, the father’s parental rights have been terminated in a court decision and you have the legal paperwork to provide to us. 
        • If you possess custody paperwork, or a divorce decree that addresses custody, you must provide that documentation along with the registration.


    1. My child lives with my new husband and me. May I list him as a custodian?
      • No, unless your husband has legally adopted your child, in which case you must provide us with the legal documentation. Your new husband may be listed as a contact but do not select the box for “has custody”. 


    1. Who do I list under additional Contacts?
      • List here any person who you want to have permission to pick up your child, or to check your child out of school, or who can be contacted in the event of an emergency if we cannot reach you or another custodial contact. We will always attempt to contact Custodial contacts before we go on to non-custodial contacts.
      • Be sure these contacts have the ability, and are willing, to pick your child up from school.
      • No student will be released to any person who is not on the contact list.


    1. Must I list more than one contact?
      • Although alternate contacts beside yourself are suggested, none is actually required to complete your registration. 


    1. Why are you asking all these health questions?
      • We always want to be sure your child is safe and protected at school. In order for us to do that, we must be aware of any health condition that might possibly create an emergency situation at school.  You will, of course, be contacted immediately, but we must be able to provide care for your child until you and/or emergency personnel can arrive.


    1. In the Documents section, I see there is an “upload” option for each of the required documents. How do I do that?
      • Do not hit “submit” until all your documents are uploaded. Doing so will delay the process of your student’s registration. 
      • Probably the easiest way to submit, especially for single page documents, is to take a picture of the document with your phone.
        • Click the upload button, and for Choose file, navigate to your photos and choose the correct picture.
        • Click upload and move on to the next document.
      • If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the individual documents in and save them to a file on your computer. You can then upload the documents (one per required document).


    1. Are all the documents required?
      • Yes. No registration will be processed without the submission of all required documents listed below.


      • Age verification document (Birth Certificate or Passport)
      • Unexpired ALABAMA immunization card or exemption card
      • Student's Social Security Card 
      • Proof of Residency: must be in parent/spouse/legal guardian's name and ONLY in the form of: current utility bill (Florence City or city of residence), or ALL pages to a current valid verifiable rental/lease agreement, or verifiable current mortgage statement or contract on a home that includes the signature page. 
      • Parent/Legal Guardian photo identification (driver's license)


    1. How do I get documents to you if I cannot upload them?
    • Please do not email any documents since most emails are not secure or encrypted.
    • Uploading is fairly simple, but if you cannot upload them, please call 256-768-3000 for assistance.
      • NO REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE nor a spot at any school secured until we have all the required documentation.


    1. I have finished the registration and submitted it, but it tells me: “You have not completed all required fields and met all format requirements.” What do I do?
      • A summary page will appear with a red symbol to the right of any field with errors.
        • Click on the red symbol to be taken to that page, make corrections, and click on Summary at the bottom left of the page. If red symbols still appear, you must correct errors on those pages and then click again on summary. 
        • Once all errors have been cleared and the Submit button at the bottom of the page is activated, upload required documents and submit the registration.


    A successful submission will result in a page with the message, “Thank you for Submitting Your New Student Registration…” If you have another NEW student to register, click the New Student Link on this page to register an additional student. 

    Once the registration is complete, be sure to click your initials in the top right corner of this page to save and log out.