Welcome to FCS K-6 Virtual School!

  • Building on past successes, Superintendent Dr. Jimmy Shaw has cast the vision to offer parents a kindergarten through sixth grade virtual experience. Much like the existing program, the K-6 Virtual School will utilize Florence teaching staff and our one-to-one device initiative. This approach affords virtual school students the opportunity to engage in their own learning experience, while also maintaining the support of local instructors and school system.

Tailored Pathways

  • Student in Grades K-6 are provided with four tailored PATHWAYS to meet their specific goals, preferences, and instructional needs.  See the PATHWAYS below.

  • Pathway 1

    Pathway 1 is designed for the student seeking an independent virtual learning experience

    • Online lessons

    • Online support through teacher messaging

  •  Pathway 3

    Pathway 3 is designed for the student seeking online lessons and onsite teacher support 

    • Online lessons

    • Online support through teacher messaging

    • Online tutoring and mini-lessons

    Online live virtual lessons twice weekly with teacher

Looking for scheduled time with Teachers?

  • All applicants that select Pathway 3 or Pathway 4 will request meeting times.  Pathway 3 will have synchronous online meeting times with teachers and Pathway 4 students will have face-to-face meeting times with teachers. 

    Pathway 3 and 4

  •  Pathway 2

    Pathway 2 is designed for the student seeking online lessons with virtual teacher support 

    • Online lessons

    • Online support through teacher messaging

    • Online tutoring

    • Asynchronous online lessons available

  • Pathway 4

    Pathway 4 is designed for the student seeking online interactive

    lessons and hands-on opportunities for learning

    • Online lessons

    • Online support through teacher messaging

    • Online tutoring and mini-lessons

    Direct instruction

    Two-days per week onsite attendance

Options for Meeting with Teachers

  • These options will be available within the application and Florence City Schools will do all possible to accomodate first requests.

    Meeting with teacher options

Informational Video

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