Commerce & Information Technology

  • Instructors:

    • Leigh Anna Trimble - Florence High School (Internship/Apprenticeship Coordinator, Academic Leader)
    • Christy Lynn - Florence High School (Finance Instructor)
    • Jill Johnson - Florence Middle School (Career Preparedness A)
    • Marc Johnson - (Florence Middle School (Career Preparedness A)
    • Andrew Entrekin - Florence Middle School (Coding Instructor)


    • Accounting I
    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Business Finance
    • Business Technology Applications Pilot (.5 Credit)
    • Coding - 7th & 8th Grade
    • Information Technology Fundamentals
    • Internships/Apprenticeships (Co-op)
      • Work Based Experience – 1 Credit
      • Work Based Experience – 2 Credits
      • Work Based Experience – 3 Credits
      • Work Based Experience – 4 Credits
    • Law in Society
    • Software Development
    • Computer Programming – Virtual
    • Personal Finance – Virtual
    • Sports Management – Virtual
    • Career Preparedness A


  • Program Description:

    This program is designed to help students develop in finance and information technology and related industries.  Emphasis is placed on basic accounting, analyzing and recording business transactions, economics, and marketing for courses in the Finance pathway.  Finance students gain hands-on learning experiences through the banking and financial services curriculum.  Students interested in Information Technology study functions of computer hardware, software, basic programming language, while creating applications in game and website design.  Opportunities exist for Information Technology students to earn advanced placement credit through the elaborate course offerings at Florence High School.  

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