Academic Excellence / Florence High School Profile

  • Address and Telephone Numbers

    Florence High School
    1201 Bradshaw Drive
    Florence, AL 35630

    •   Main Office Telephone (256) 768-2200

    •   Main Office Fax (256) 768-2205

    •   Guidance Office Telephone (256) 768-2215

    •   Guidance Office Fax (256) 768-2206

    Location and Demographics

    The city of Florence, Alabama, is located in Northwest Alabama, with a population of approximately 38,000. Florence High School (FHS) serves as the city’s public high school with an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students in grades 10-12. The Freshman Center serves an additional 370 ninth graders.  These figures represent a rich, real-world diversity of students - all races, cultures, religions, ethnic origins and abilities.


    FHS is accredited by both SACS CASI (Advanc ED) and the Alabama State Department of Education. In several areas, Florence High School exceeds the high accreditation standards set by these organizations.  In 2013 and 2014, FHS was recognized as a CLAS Banner School Award recipient by the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools.  The purpose of this award is to identify, recognize, and publicize schools with outstanding educational programs which serve as models for other schools across Alabama.

    School Colors and Mascot

    The school colors of FHS are royal blue, silver, black and white. The mascot is a falcon.


    In 2014, including administrators, there was a total of 72 certified staff members at FHS. Of those, 20 held bachelor’s degrees (27.7%), 48 held master’s degrees (66.7%), four held AA/Ed.S. degrees (5.6%), and one holds a Ph.D degree.  Three faculty members are National Board Certified.  

    Test Comparison

    On the 2015 ACT (American College Test), FHS students’ average composite score exceeded the state average composite score by .7 (Florence 19.8, State 19.1, Nation 21.0). On the 2014 SAT, FHS students’ average scores were 569.0 (reading), 551.3 (math), and 593.5 (writing). FHS students’ average combined score exceeded the state and national averages (Florence 1714, State 1498, Nation 1498). Florence students also outperformed their counterparts throughout the state and nation on each of the ACT and SAT subject area tests, which is consistent with an eight-year trend.

    Post-High School Placements for the Class of 2015

    Of the FHS 2015 graduates, 57.5% enrolled in four-year colleges and universities; 33.33% enrolled in two-year schools and colleges; 1.98% joined the military, and 7.14% entered the work force. The 2015 FHS graduating class received scholarship offers totaling more than $14.2 million.


    With more than 283 course offerings, FHS provides the most extensive curriculum of any high school, public or private, in Northwest Alabama. Students may choose from among 19 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and nine Honors courses in the areas of science, mathematics, English, foreign languages and social studies. Students may also choose from among 57 Career/Technical Education courses in 12 different fields of study. In addition to opportunities to earn college credit by successful completion of AP courses and AP examinations on campus, students may also gain college credit via dual enrollment at the University of North Alabama and Northwest-Shoals Community College, as well as through selected on-line courses.

    Mission Statement

    FHS abides by the mission of the Florence City School System, which is:  Empower students to explore, create, challenge, innovate and lead

    Graduation Requirements

    To receive a diploma, FHS students must successfully complete the Alabama High School Graduation Examination and earn 24 Carnegie units of study, which are the standards set by the Alabama Department of Education.

    The 24 units required for the Academic Diploma (Alabama High School Diploma) must consist of the following:

    • Four credits of English language arts to include the equivalent of English 9, English 10, English 11 and English 12
    • Four credits of mathematics to include the equivalent of Algebra I, Geometry, and two mathematics electives
    • Four credits of science to include the equivalent of biology, a physical science and two additional life and/or physical science credits
    • Four credits of social studies to include the equivalent of World History since 1500, U.S. History to 1877, U.S. History since 1877,   government (half credit) and economics (half credit)
    • One credit of physical education
    • One-half credit of health education
    • One-half credit of fine art
    • One-half credit of computer applications
    • Six elective credits 

    The 24 units required for the Advanced Diploma (Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced Academic Endorsement) are similar to those required for the Academic Diploma, except students must earn at least two credits of a foreign language, one credit in Algebra II with Trigonometry and four elective credits.

    Grading Systems

    The grading system at FHS is based on a percent scale as follows: 90-100 (A), 80-89 (B), 70-79 (C), 60-69 (D), 0-59 (F), and Incomplete (I).

    Students must maintain an average grade of 60 or above in a particular subject to receive a passing grade for that subject.

    In order to be listed on the A/B Honor Roll, students must maintain an average of 80 or above in each subject; 90 or above in each subject is required for the All-A Honor Roll.

    A student’s numerical average at the end of a semester or at the end of an academic year is the average of grades received in all subjects in which the student is enrolled. Grades are not weighted by any method except for class ranking purposes. In regard to class ranking, grades are weighted for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Honors courses according to the following formula:  AP-Numerical grade + 10%; Honors-Numerical Grade + 5%.

    To accommodate colleges and universities whose scholarship guidelines require a standard GPA (Grade Point Average) instead of a numeric GPA, the transcript of any student applying for such a scholarship reflects a weighted standard GPA (i.e., a passing grade in an AP course receives a weight of 1; Honors course grades, .5). This GPA is not used for class ranking purposes.