Hibbett Middle School Academic Excellence

  • At Hibbett Middle School, academic excellence is our top priority. We believe that every child can learn. Hibbett offers many course options for students on all levels. Students have the opportunity to take advance classes in ELA and Math. Also, we have encore options such as: Music, Dance, Theater, Coding, Robotics, Visual Art, Advanced Art, Chorus, Band, and Strings. We operate on a 50 minute period for Science, Social Studies, Encore, and PE and a 75 minute period for Math and ELA.

    Edgenuity Learning is a program that is used to allow students to work on their independent learning level. Students have the opportunity to utilize this program during a specially designed enrichment period every day. To monitor student progress and drive instruction, we give the Scantron Performance Series Assessment three times a year and a benchmark test every nine weeks.