Hibbett Intermediate School Academic Excellence

  • At Hibbett Intermediate School, academic excellence is our top priority. We believe that every child can learn. Hibbett offers many course options for students on all levels. We also have “Encore” options such as: Music, Dance, Theater, Coding, Robotics, Visual Art, Advanced Art, Chorus, Band, and Strings. With some exceptions, students get to experience four different Encore classes--1 per 9 weeks--throughout the school year. Teachers and students are organized into “teams,” utilizing 50-minute instructional periods as well as time for enrichment and recess built in to each day.

    We use educational programs i-Ready and IXL to allow students to work on their independent learning levels and monitor their growth and progress during the year. Students have the opportunity to utilize this program during a specially designed enrichment period every day. In addition to these programs that help us meet students’ needs and adjust instruction, we administer benchmark assessments each 9 weeks to measure student mastery of our state standards.