Wecome to Student Health Services

  • Florence City Schools is proud to employ nurses that help ensure the health and well-being of each student within the district.  Parents can take comfort knowing their child is receiving exceptional care from a licensed nurse.  

    Florence City School Nurses:

    • Promote student health and wellness;

    • Provide routine and specialized health services/procedures;

    • Conduct health screenings;

    • Administer medications; and

    • Assist students/families in need of health services.

Parent / Provider Information

  • Any student who needs medication given at school MUST have a Provider/Parent Authorization form signed by both physician and parent.  

    Click Here to Download Provider/Parent Authorization Form

    Forms are available via the above link, each school, or the physician’s office.

    • Over-the-counter medicines will require a Provider/Parent Authorization form to be signed by both the parent and the Physician. Over-the-counter
      medicines will no longer be accepted or administered without a physician’s authorization.
    • All medicines given at school must be brought in by the parent/guardian. Medicines should never be brought in by the student. When a medicine is
      brought in by the parent, the pills/capsules must be counted by the parent and school nurse before the parent is allowed to leave the medicine.
    • All medicines must be in a pharmacy-labeled container. An over-the-counter medicine must be in a new unopened package.
    • Any student who needs over-the-counter medications during school hours but who does not have a physician’s signed authorization may have the
      parent/guardian come to school and administer the child medicine if so needed.
    • Students with Epi-pens and asthma inhalers will need to meet with the school nurse before an Epi-pen or inhaler is left at school.

FCS Lead Nurse