Hit the Mat with Falcon Wrestling!

  • Wrestling is an extracurricular activity and is an extended arm to support the educational mission of Florence City Schools.

    Wrestling is a tough sport.  It challenges students physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It teaches them about life, about how to win and lose. It is one of few team sports where the other players cannot come alongside and take up the slack.  As such, it teaches commitment, dedication, and loyalty.

    Florence Wrestling is entering its fifth varsity season.  In the short few years of our program’s existence, we have grown tremendously.  Not only have we increased the number of wrestlers on our team, we have also increased our competitive edge.  We have produced the program’s first state medalist, multiple state qualifiers, an early winning record, a Times Daily Wrestler of the Year and multiple All-Area Team members.  The team has also been involved with philanthropic endeavors, utilizing a school match as a drive for Toys for Tots through United Way.

    We attribute our success to a high quality coaching staff with over two decades of combined experience in wrestling, a great pool of hardworking young athletes, and an incredible parent and fan base.  Go Falcons!