Falcon Men's Team Stay Unbeaten, Women Notch Single/Double Wins

    The Florence Falcons Men's and Women’s tennis teams took a Thursday trip to Madison in a match against the Bob Jones Patriots. The men faced their greatest challenge yet, but started strong as usual Cohen Joiner and Cade Black recording a 10-6 win at 2 doubles. Jake Champion and Slade Campbell played copycat at 3 doubles also getting a 10-6 win. While Tai Do and Jack White fell 10-8 at 1 doubles, the singles was seamless across the board, starting with Cade Black in a spectacular 10-3 win at 5 singles. Cohen Joiner blanked his patriot with a 10-0 win at 4 singles. Slade Campbell came from behind to overcome his opponent 10-8 at 6 singles. Jack White had a gauntlet at 2 singles, finally winning 11-10 (7-5). Jake Champion also had an incredibly grueling match at 3 singles, but also came out on top 11-10 (7-5). Tai Do was in control at 1 singles with a 10-6 win, meaning the men came out on top 8-1.

    The women had another uphill battle against a talented team, but bright spots still shone through, such as Sarah Liles and Ella Coussons gritting out an 11-9 win at 1 doubles. Luci Vacik and Rylan Hayes had a close match of their own at 3 doubles, but came out just barely on the wrong end, losing 9-11. A couple other wins were picked up in singles starting with EK Davis showing her consistency at the 6 spot winning 10-7. Sarah Liles would be the last win for the Lady Falcons as she kept her composure pulling out a 10-8 victory at 1 singles.

    The JV Falcons will be in action tomorrow against Saltillo of Mississippi before spring break. Come out to support these young falcons.

    Florence boys tennis defeated Bob Jones 8-1


    1. Tai Do (F) d. Karthik Kaki (BJ) 10-6
    2. Jack White (F) d. Reed Rafferty (BJ) 11-10 (7-5)
    3. Jake Champion (F) d. Jonah Moro (BJ) 11-10 (7-5)
    4. Cohen Joiner (F) d. Hunter Johnston (BJ) 10-0
    5. Cade Black (F) d. Ashwin Prabhaken (BJ) 10-3
    6. Slade Campbell (F) d. Joe Aldridge (BJ) 10-8


    1. Moro/Shlok Shiber (BJ) d. Do/White (F) 10-8
    2. Joiner/Black (F) d. Rafferty/Johnston (BJ) 10-6
    3. Champion/Campbell (F) d. Prabhaken/Aldridge (BJ) 10-6

    Record 13-0 (4-0 section)

    Florence girls tennis lost to Bob Jones 3-6


    1. Sarah Liles (F) d. Jasmine Rivera (BJ) 10-8
    2. Lilian Qu (BJ) d. Amy DeGroote (F) 10-1
    3. Anousha Raman (BJ) d. Ella Coussons (F) 10-1
    4. O’Neal Miller (BJ) d. Luci Vacik (F) 10-2
    5. Adeline Miller (BJ) d. Rylan Hayes (F) 10-1
    6. EK Davis (F) d. Nikita Prabhaken (BJ) 10-7


    1. Liles/Coussons (F) d. Rivera/O. Miller (BJ) 11-9
    2. Qu/A. Miller (BJ) d. DeGroote/Davis (F) 10-4
    3. Raman/Prabhaker (BJ) d. Bacon/Hayes (F) 11-9

    Record: 4-9 (2-2 section)