Vocal Auditions

    • Answer questions in regards to their vocal experience.
    • Sing a short series of warm-ups with the director to show vocal range and tessitura.
    • Sing a memorized solo piece that demonstrates ability to sing in pitch and show energetic singing. Applicants are expected to come prepared with music for an accompanist.
    • Read a short sight-reading example that will be provided. This example will demonstrate the student’s ability to read music notes and markings.
    • Perform 16 counts of show choir dance to demonstrate coordination, stage presence, and dance ability. Choreography will be taught, then performed.
    • At the time of your vocal audition, you will be asked which choir (or choirs) you are auditioning for (Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Show Choir, or any combination of these choirs).