Florence Falcon Athletics Summer Workout Information

  • Falcon Athletics Family,

     We are so excited to have the ability to get back to work with our student athletes! I have conducted multiple meetings and conversations with our coaching staff and larger school athletic directors to compile some important information that will hopefully answer a lot of frequently asked questions as we begin summer workouts June 9th.

     Obviously COVID-19 has caused all of us to do things that were once normal completely different. Naturally this has had a tremendous effect on how we will move forward athletically as we approach summer workouts next week. An area of major concern with starting workouts is minimizing traffic flow at our facilities. To address this area of concern, we have met as a coaching staff to develop the following information.

    A COVID-19 Emergency Action Plan (EAP) has been developed to assist our staff as we engage in summer workouts with our student athletes.

    *****Each student athlete grades 7-12 that wishes participate in summer workouts as a Florence Falcon athlete will need to have the following forms below on file in our AHSAA DragonFly eligibility compliance software. All head varsity coaches should have already emailed the DragonFly instructions for parent/student athlete set up.

    • A physical on file (the previous year’s physical is good through July 27, 2020). New student athletes will need to have physical performed a medical doctor before they will be allowed to participate in any summer workouts.
    • AHSAA Concussion Form signed by parent and athlete
    • AHSAA Medical Release signed by parent and athlete 

    Here are the points of emphasis for this summer:

    ATHLETIC PHYSICALS for 2020-21

    • Due to current physicals expiring July 27,2020, ALL ATHLETED grades 7-12 will need a new physical exam on file in DRAGONFLY before July 24,2020 for the 2020-21 season
    • Due to COVID-19 precautions we will not host our free physical night for athletics for 2020-21
    • The athlete will be responsible for getting the physical completed by their own medical doctor. (Please note: A Nurse Practitioner’ signature will not be accepted for AHSAA eligibility compliance)

    Workouts and Tryouts

    • All sports have agreed to work out 9th, JV and Varsity teams beginning June 9th and each Tues. Wed. Thur. thereafter.
    • Fall sports have first priority to the indoor facility for weight training due to their seasons starting first.
    • Some fall sports plan to begin workouts for 7th- 8th grade in July and host tryouts after school starts (the head varsity coach of sport will send this information to the parents)


    • All players are responsible for bringing their own bottle(s) of water. At this time due to COVID-19 precautions, we cannot provide hydration stations for our student athletes. Each sport will have scheduled water breaks. 
    • NO STUDENT ATHLETE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT THEIR OWN WATER AVAILABLE. Each sport may choose to have extra bottles of water available pending supplies available for purchase.
    • All water bottles will be spaced out 6ft apart and cannot be shared.

    Monitoring Symptoms and Sanitizing

    • Hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout each athletic facility for players to wash hands upon arrival.
    • All equipment and facilities will be sanitized each day before and after each workout.
    • All students entering the indoor facility for weight training will have their temperature taken with a forehead thermometer daily at the beginning of workouts by a coach or athletic trainer.
    • Each player will also answer symptom questions about how they feel.
    • The EAP will include steps for players and/or staff with symptoms.

    Physical Distancing and Face Coverings

    • All coaches and staff members will wear face coverings when the teams are training inside of a building where 6 feet cannot always be maintained.
    • All players will only be asked to wear face coverings at each workout taking place inside a building as well. Mask will be available at the first workout provided by the sport. (pending availability)
    • There will no sharing of towels and other supplies during workouts.
    • Athletes will be asked to shower before they arrive on campus for workouts daily.
    • Showers and locker rooms will be off limits with monitored restroom visits for social distancing.
    • Physical distancing and disinfecting of all equipment will be implemented and enforced daily.
    • Pick and drop off locations for each workout location will be specified by the head varsity coach of each sport.
    • We will also designate and entry and exit point at each workout location
    • Workout groups will remain consistent throughout the summer to avoid contact with multiple players. 

    We hope this information has been helpful to you. I am sorry that we cannot provide more information at this time. We will continue to update our website and social media as information is received. If you have any further questions please free to ask the head coach of the sport or you can call my office 256-768-2212 or email me at bgraham@florencek12.org Thank you for time, patience, and cooperation in advance with our efforts to be as safe as possible.


    Coach Byron Graham
    Athletic Director -Florence City Schools