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Florence Education Foundation 180 Campaign helps provide more educational opportunities for students

FLORENCE, Ala. — If you're looking for a way to positively impact Florence City Schools classrooms, the Florence Education Foundation has the perfect opportunity.

It's called the 180 Campaign—$1 a day for 180 days of school. All donations go towards grants that Falcon teachers apply for each school year.

Near the end of the first semester, the Foundation presents those grants to the selected teachers. Florence Education Foundation Executive Director Miranda Haddock said the 180 Campaign is a way to help teachers provide even greater educational opportunities for Falcon students.

"That is our favorite day of the year when we get to go award grants," Haddock said. "We get to surprise these teachers; they have no idea we're coming. We walk in the classroom, and we actually get to see them in their element and see how much they care—how much their students love their teachers."

Donation options include paying the full $180 at once, a custom amount, or $15 monthly installments. To donate, visit the Foundation's website here.

Other fundraising opportunities the Foundation provides include the Salsa Showdown in the fall and Putting Fore the Falcons in the spring.

By Jeremy Jackson