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University of Alabama President Dr. Stuart Bell makes recruiting visit to Florence High School

UA President Dr. Stuart Bell addresses Florence High Seniors

FLORENCE, Ala. – On Thursday, September 7, University of Alabama President Dr. Stuart Bell stopped by Florence High School as part of his recruiting trip to The Shoals.

Dr. Bell brought four UA Ambassadors, all capstone men and women, to talk to students about their experiences in applying for college and why each of them ultimately chose Alabama.

“I was so excited for students to have this opportunity as it was one that most students would never have,” FHS counselor Candace Young said. “It was great for them to be able to meet Dr. Bell, not just as a name, but as a leader who is showing a vested interest in them before they are even his students.”

UA students speak to FHS students

The visit was a unique experience for the FHS students as Dr. Bell has only been able to visit a few schools in person. Students were able to ask questions, make personal connections, and gain information about UA from both the ambassadors and Dr. Bell.

“Our students asked lots of good questions to the team and were very interested in the programs UA has to offer,” Young said. “It was also great for students to be able to talk to current UA students and hear about the diversity of majors they are studying and about campus life in general.”

FHS Principal Kevin Wieseman, FCS Superintendent Dr. Jimmy Shaw, and UA President Dr. Stuart Bell

As a follow-up, UA regional recruiter Emry Summerville returned to FHS the following Wednesday to allow students to ask questions about college life, apply to UA, and consider their future after high school.


By Caroline Conkle