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i-Ready's Snargg visits Forest Hills, Harlan, and Weeden elementary schools

Snarg with a class at Forest Hills Elementary

FLORENCE, Ala. — Florence elementary schools welcomed a special guest in their classrooms in February. Snargg, a horned, blue, dog-like alien creature, is a mascot for the i-Ready program. Curriculum Associates developed i-Ready as a connected learning system for assessment, instruction, and support.

i-Ready's Snargg

Snargg makes several appearances, eating and devouring everything from words to dinner plates as students progress through their MyPath lessons. Snargg made the leap from the virtual world to reality as he visited Forest Hills, Harlan, and Weeden elementary schools, lighting up faces with smiles at each stop.

Snargg visits Weeden Elementary

“He heard that the kids in Florence showed so much growth on their i-Ready Diagnostic that he just had to come see them and share how excited he was,” Curriculum Associates Professional Learning Specialist Abigail Rains exclaimed. “He told them all to keep doing their best on their lessons so they can keep on growing!”

Snargg visits Harlan Elementary

By Jeremy Jackson
February 13, 2024